Doves For You follows strict guidelines when doing a white release of ANY size. We understand that EVERY Wedding, Memorial and Special Event is a serious matter for all involved. Our goal is to keep our customers informed through all aspects of the release process and to leave them with a feeling of satisfaction.

Doves For You WILL . . .

*  Return full deposits for acts of God, etc...
*  Ensure that EVERY event is performed by a knowledgeable white release coordinator.
*  Wear appropriate attire for all events
*  Be 100% Reliable and on time to all events

 Doves For You  WILL NOT . . .

*  Release our white birds--------INDOORS
*  Release our white birds-------AT NIGHT
*  Release our white birds in ---INCLEMENT WEATHER
*  Ship white birds to customers to do a "self-release"
*  Release white birds beyond a range they are unable to safely fly home.
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